About Christina

I have been studying and practicing the art of healing and meditation since 2000. Through this journey of discovery I was honoured to learn from and live with indigenous medicine men and women from North & Latin America and Australia.

There has always had a desire to help others. The insightful teachers and healers in my path, have enabled me to heal myself both physically and spiritually. I discovered how powerful these teachings are. They have a transformational effect on people’s ability to release their wounds of the past and manifest the future they seek.

I feel honoured and excited assisting each ‘Alkehela’ client with their unique story and watching them transform their lives.

Here is an insight into my journey…

1999 – I began to study meditation focusing on silence and the breath. These teachings also included Chi Gong.

2000 – I went on the greatest adventure of my life travelling around the world. Looking into different belief systems, cultures and religions. Trying to make sense of my existence. I was invited to spend time with Medicine Women who were living and practicing the traditions of the Native American Indian in New Mexico. A dream come true as I was always drawn to the Native American teachings. This is where my journey started.

They shared with me their teachings and ways to heal the body. They taught me the importance of dreams, their history and ceremonies such as sweat lodge and peace pipe. They taught me about traditional medicines and ways to heal my own wounds.

From there I travelled to Mexico where I ended up crossing the border into Guatemala. As fate will have it, my path crossed with three shamans who became my teachers. They taught me everything my Navaho teacher in New Mexico told me I would be learning.

The teachings included: Reiki, Shamanism, Universal Law, Crystals Therapy, Sound Therapy, the Mayan Calendar and ceremonies. They helped me to make more sense of life and to heal my body. I spent nearly six months studying and traveling with them.

2004 – I returned to Guatemala where I obtained the 3rd level of Reiki called Shinpi Dan.

From there I travelled to Peru where in Cusco I met a shaman who shared his teaching from the Inca traditions. The highlight was attending an Inca ceremony on a full moon at the moon temple – Cusco just the two of us. I also spent some time in the Peruvian Amazon with a Shipibo tribe.. In Brazil I continued to encounter more teachers and new methods of healing such as candle healing and reflexology.

2006 – I completed further energetic healing courses and workshops here in Australia.

2009 – I was very honoured to be invited to attend the Sun Dance. A sacred ceremony held by the Lakota Nation. From there I travelled to New Mexico where I met with a wonderful healer, a true friend and a Navaho artist/medicine man who shared with me their teachings. I got to travel through various sacred sites with Alex my Navaho friend and guide. We travelled to the reservation, the canyons and made our way to Window rock in Arizona. This is where the headquarters of the Navaho nation is located.

2011 – I travelled back to Guatemala where I was invited to attend the Mayan New Year ceremony. It was held in the highlands by seven women shamans. It was an honour to be invited and to take part in the ceremony. We later travelled across the country distributing clothing, toys and medicines to those in need. Finally to Tikal – ancient Mayan ruins.

2012 – Was an important year in the Mayan calendar. I attended the New year ceremony with 7 women shamans. We later  tracked across the country distributing clothing, medicines, toys etc to various communities in need.

Later that year I was invited to go tracking Jaguars in the Amazon with the Shipibo guides as well with the shaman Alfredo and his beautiful partner. I took part in sacred ceremonies in the Amazon. We were taught about the various medicines of the trees, how to connect with nature, to listen and observe.

2013 – Got to attend a gathering at Flinders Rangers, Adelaide. I met the most incredible Aboriginal elders as well as elders from New Zealand and Hawaii. They shared their teachings, way of life, their stories and the connection they have with the earth mother.

Later that year I got to go whale watching with one of the elders. His name is Uncle Bunna Lawrie and is the whale whisperer. He is a warrior fighting for his land and for the whale sanctuaries. He shared with me his people’s whale stories and how to connect with them.

It was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life.

2014 – This was the year that I got to meet the greatest inspiration of my life. A true teacher whose teachings helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle together. His name is Don Miguel Ruiz and he transformed the way I perceive things. His books a great source of healing to me and for years I would refer them to clients to read as part of their homework.

The most popular is called “The Four Agreements”

As I was thinking on how I would ever get to meet him, he appeared literally on my doorstep. A weekend workshop 15 mins from my home in Sydney. Perfect timing. It was the greatest teachings so far. He invited me to attend a workshop at the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan outside of Mexico city. Four months later I was in Mexico learning about the ancient Toltec civilisation. The word Toltec means Artist. Don Miguel Ruiz ancestors were the Toltec and the teachings were passed through the bloodline. The teachings had gone into hiding but they spoke of a time that the teachings would be returned to the people. At a time of need. That time is now.

The last thing he said to me before leaving Mexico was “Christina, do not allow anyone to place suggestions in you.”

At the end of the day, who’s truth is it and what makes it real?

2015 – I returned to South Dakota where I attended the Sun Dance ceremony with the Lakota Native Americans. I got to spend some time with the elders who showed incredible grace and strength.

2016 – I travelled to the Amazon in Peru, where I had the honour of attending ceremonies with the shamans from the Shipibo tribe. They shared their wisdom, traditions and teachings. Also learnt about plant medicine and the various master trees.

In Sydney I completed a shamanic workshop called The Path of the Universal Shaman with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada online.

 2017 – Travelled to the Amazon, Peru spending time with the Shipibo shamans. Attended ceremonies and learnt about plant medicine.

The learning never stops……

The world is what you think it is – First principle of Shamanism

Only you can change your reality. Through healing the past you can learn to live in the moment and create the future you seek.


Be in Balance

Live in Harmony

Walk in Beauty