Katrina Burdge


Christina is one of the finest examples I can think of, as someone who has truly found their calling in life in helping others reach their highest potential.The word ‘healing’ is not widely known in relation to her gifts. Christina has undoubtedly been a key ingredient in transforming my life, her ability to help you understand yourself at the deepest level, heal old wounds and set your spirit free is nothing short of remarkable. I have sent many friends and colleagues to Alkehela, all of who have had both similar and unique experiences. I thoroughly recommend Christina’s treatments and am grateful to have found her! She will also always make you laugh.

Justine Davis

I used to be skeptical of spiritual matters, but Christina’s gift is undeniable. She’s also extremely approachable and easy to talk to, which means she ends up being simultaneously a friend, teacher, healer and sometimes a hard slap in the face when you need it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Christina, for helping me through some very troubling times spiritually and for sharing your gift with the world!

Sol Freer

Thank you Christina, you opened my eyes and heart to another form of faith healing, I now have the complementary tools to heal myself and others in need. You have an abundant knowledge of Reiki, and again I thank you for sharing a part of that with me.

Hecta Herekiuha

I have had multiple healings with Christina, each time she has show her outstanding ability to get to the core of what I am going through. Even if sometimes its sticky and uncomfortable. She shows compassion and love, understanding and wisdom. I would recommenced anyone to go see her. Her healings are so powerful even for the most minor ailment. I also recommend her meditation classes. A great introduction to meditation and much easier than just trying to still the mind. We have fun in class too!

Anneke VanTickle

It is with the greatest delight that I recommend Alkehela to help guide and provide concrete tools to navigate lifeโ€™s turbulence in order to find peace and happiness. I am blessed to have used this service to help me through a difficult patch in my life. Christina, gave me resources and clear instructions I could tangibly use everyday to overcome depression and a broken heart. With her guidance, and no nonsense approach, I used her techniques to move beyond suffering, into space where I now enjoy the magnificence of being. I am so grateful for her work and wisdom. My life has positively changed because of her healing work.

Layla McNeil

I had a great session today with Christina in Marrickville. She is very intuitive and insightful- i feel relaxed and am looking forward to utilising the tools she has shared with me. Janette Brown

Janette Brown

It has been almost a year since I began my healing journey with Christina, but the experience has truly been life changing. Each session with Christina has helped me release years of emotional baggage, shame, anger, guilt, and negative thinking. I also have learnt how powerful words can be. Christina has been patient, compassionate and supportive throughout my healing process and allowed me to release emotion without shame. She has also taught me how to take back control of my life and how to be the artist of my dreams. My burden has been lifted and I have emerged with a greater sense of purpose and hope and a renewed passion for life.

Evonne Campo Romero

The last year has been transformational, and Christina has been there every step of the way as catalyst, teacher and guide. I strongly recommend her as a brilliant practitioner, who is warm, intelligent, humorous and honest. My approach to life has completely shifted, towards a greater understanding of myself and how i relate to everything around me. Christina’s enlightening and wonderful teachings have helped me in every way imaginable, and I am thankful to have experienced this fantastic opportunity. With Christina’s extensive knowledge and ability, I look forward to continuing my learning and to abundantly fulfilling my potential.

Kate Ainscough

Christina has helped me gain clarity when my mind became crowded as is often the case in these busy times. Her ability to focus on releasing old blockages and bring perspective to any situation has helped me overcome many an obstacle. If you feel overwhelmed or as if there are too few hours in the day I highly recommend time with Christina to bring energy and peace back into your day.

David Hodgsonlt

lt I met Christina when I came back from travelling and after a couple of tough years. Christina and I had an immediate bond which I know she has with many around her. Her heightened ability to understand what is happening for me has guided me to confront issues which I didn’t realise were affecting my life. These sessions have been insightful and much needed. I now feel like I have let go of underlying issues and have a more positive view of what is around the corner. I constantly think how lucky I am and I have never been happier!

Meg Wardlaw