Inspiring Hope And The Right To Dream….


Dreaming Woman is a non-profit organisation established as a charitable relief agency servicing Indigenous communities and the conservation of land. We offer the following assistance in the way of funds and opportunities.

This organisation will:

>> support various groups in the construction of eco-sustainable schools, hospitals and housing
>> supply and promote the use of sustainable energy
>> provide necessities such as clothing, food, educational material, toys, blankets etc for underprivileged children
>> increase awareness of health and nutrition
>> supply and support educational projects for women and children
>> supporting the purchase of land for conservation

We have been supporting projects from 2012.

Until now 100% of all money donated went towards the projects. Starting 2017, 80% of money donated will go to projects and 20% will go towards administration.


Mission Statement

Dreaming Woman was created to assist in healing and empowering the feminine energy.

The aim is to support the conservation of land. To support education amongst Indigenous people that ultimately will bring forth their Independence and conserve their cultures.

Our mission is to bring unity and healing amongst all people. To create opportunities and bring hope to disadvantaged women and children by offering educational material, clothing, and other needed supplies.

Helping to empower.