Dreaming Woman projects

Here you will find information on past and present Dreaming Woman projects:


I travelled to the Amazon in Iquitos Peru. Delivered clothes, toys, books and crayons/ pencils to underprivileged children in local village and orphanage. Much to their delight. Thank you to all the generous contributions.

Dreaming Woman donated $480 to Viktor Moasyr from Guatemalan Project to purchase school supplies for the underprivileged children of Indigenous communities in Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Photos of donations being given to the kids are on the Dreaming Woman facebook page.

Worm Busters

Many children attract worms which cause starvation and if not treated death. The cost of the tablets are 32 cents and they need two a year. We travelled across the country distributing them at local schools and isolated communities.

In 2012, Dreaming Woman raised $3,800 for the following:

>> The purchase of worm tablet to de-worm the children.

>> Vitamins

>> Worm clothing, shoes and blankets that were generously donated and shipped to Guatemala

>> Construction of a floor for a class room

>> Electrical wiring for the first shaman school built in Lake Atitlan

>> 100 stoves that use 70% less wood which is great for the environment and are easier to use for women

We made a documentary about our trip, called Worm Busters.

Thank you to all the friends in Sydney for all your support and incredible generosity. We can make a difference.

Guatemalan Project

The goal was to build an echo sustainable hospital, birthing centre and school in the jungle of Guatemala.

This project was to assist local villages.

The closest medical help is a six hour walk. Currently the Indigenous communities in this area are been threatened by mining companies. Their land taken away, rivers poisoned and lives threatened.

Dreaming Woman helped to start up this project by raising $9,680.

With the money raised by Dreaming Woman, the following had been completed:

>> a road built to be able to get to the land especially during the wet season
>> toilets and showers
>> walls and floor of the hospital

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