hummingbirdsUnlock your potential and transcend your fears

In this workshop, you will leave your stories behind and use your will to set yourself free from the stories that sabotage you.

You will be guided on a journey of self discovery.

To release the past, centre in the now in order to manifest your visions.

Teachings by Christina Christou and Samuel Levy will be shared to help you transform your life and become the artist of your dreams.

Teachings shared:

forgiving the past in order to leave in the present
master your thoughts
the importance of gratitude
what is energy
learn how to ground your energy
activate the highest aspect of your being

Guided Meditation with healing frequency:

release past wounds and fears
activate the main chakras
connect with the earth mother
set your intentions
be inspired to master your thoughts
using frequency sound and vibration to access your higher potential


Workshop details

Level 1 /822 Anzac Parade
Maroubra Beach
COST $69