End My Stress workshops

A unique workshop helping you to connect with your whole body – physical, mental and spiritual.

This two hour workshop teaches people how to master their thoughts and overcome stress.

You will learn gentle and affective tools that release stress anxiety. Start the day with a smile on your face.

It is an ideal way to re-balance your body and calm the mind.

Stage 1: 60 mins


Learn breathing techniques to assist with stress management
Release anxiety
Obtain clarity with ease
Stop the mind chatter
Learn to take back control of your thoughts.
Increase wellness
Easy and powerful stress reduction techniques
Decrease work related stress
Improve concentration

Stage 2: 30 minutes

Guided Meditation – meditation made easy

Meditation teaches us how to breathe again, releasing blockages that put stress on our physical and mental bodies.

It is a way of bringing balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This session helps to let go of judgement and fears that are created by the mind, that prevents us from reaching our true potential. The unique meditation helps to release stress and anxiety and takes you on a journey of self-empowerment. This simple process is designed to be easy to follow and enjoyable.


Breathing exercises to prevent anxiety
Stress management
How to stop the mind chatter
Guided meditation

Why I created this workshop?

The increased pressures and demands of life are being felt by all facets of society both by management and staff.

Stress often leads to anxiety which when felt by many causes a breakdown in communication, loss of productivity and team work, and ultimately a loss in company performance.

By learning effective techniques as a team to combat stress, the outcome is a rejuvenated, inspired team with enthusiasm to contribute effectively to a successful business and team culture.

End My Stress workshop has been designed to cater for the needs of both employers and staff using natural, proven techniques.

The benefits to your company:

>> Increase profits

>> Increase productvity

>> Decrease sick leave

>> Improved staff morale

>> Improved communication skills between employers and employees

>> Decreased work related stress and depression

>> Positive and affective working environment

>> Increase wellness


Group size price
Company – up to 15 people

15 – 40 people

$495 – held at your office


Private Groups – minimum of 5 people $75 per person



Group sessions can be taught at your workplace or school. Minimum group size 5 people.
10% of all proceeds go towards the Dreaming Woman Charity.