Reiki workshops

Universal energy (Western)
Spirit, Life (Japanese)

The spirit of all living things (Western)
Energy (Japanese)

Reiki is a gentle art of healing. It is the use of energy to heal the body through the laying of hands. Reiki was founded in Japan by a man called Mikao Usui. Reiki helps to dissolve the blockages and release any dis-ease that the body is holding on too.

It helps release stress and enhances the body’s natural healing ability to promote wellbeing.


Reiki 1

This class is a combination of theory, discussion and practical. There is a focus on the practical as it is important for you to feel confident and trust in the process. Reiki teaches us how to heal our bodies and bring balance into our lives.

You will be provided with a certificate recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection Association. If you choose to continue your learning with Reiki 2, you will then become a qualified Reiki Practitioner


Understand how energy works
How to release stress and anxiety
Reiki principles of creating a balanced life
How to heal yourself
How to heal your loved ones and pets
Cleanse and energise your food, plants, vitamins, environment etc
Learn about the chakras and how to balance them
Create a better life for yourself
Tools for parenting and healing your children
Also sharing teachings from Indigenous teaches
Ideal for all who are interested in empowering themselves and in understanding how to work with energy

The Reiki 1 workshop is run by a qualified practitioner, who is a member of the Australian Reiki Connection. This class is run in small groups. Maximum 8 students per class.


>> Notes
>> Initiation
>> Certificate

Reiki 2

This workshop teaches you a deeper level of energy healing. You will learn how to do long distance healing, that means you will able to send healing to your loved ones. In the traditions of the teachings everything is made of energy, and you will learn the Reiki symbols that represents these energies.

These are ancient symbols brought forth by the master and founder of Reiki – Mikao Usui.

You will learn a deeper understanding on how to channel energy into the client by the laying of hands in order to activate the natural healing process of the client’s body and restore physical and emotional wellbeing.

Reiki 2 raises your vibration and heightens your ability to sense energy. It creates a stronger connection to Reiki and brings forth a greater understanding of this art.

Reiki is working with the source of all of creation Unconditional Love. There is no religious beliefs associated with it. It is using energy to heal the body.


The Reiki symbols:

>> understanding the meaning behind them
>> practice how to draw them
>> earning to utilise them

Long distance healing:

>> the theory behind it
>> how to send long distance healings

Become a practitioner

Not part of Reiki but included:

>> Shamanic tools to centre energy
>> Setting up a healing room
>> Chakra balancing
>> Meditation


>> Notes
>> Initiation
>> Certificate

Reiki 2 allows you to become a practitioner upon completion.

10% of all proceeds from workshops go to Dreaming Woman charity  supporting different humanitarian projects. On completion of each level there is an initiation ceremony to connect with Reiki.

You will receive a certificate by a certified teacher which is recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection.

Maximum 8 students per class.

Reiki 1 workshop  Sunday 19th Nov, 2017  9:30am – 5:30pm  Broome St, Maroubra Beach $269
Reiki 2 workshop  Friday 10th Nov, 2017  9:30am – 5:30pm Broome St, Maroubra Beach  $369

                                                  Early Bird Prices:  Reiki 1 $239       Reiki 2 $339