This unique treatment assists in releasing pain on all levels: Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

It helps you to release your fears in order to find your truth.

A gentle energetic treatment, that brings instant relaxation to the whole body.

It helps to calm the mind in order to obtain clarity.

Become the artist of your dreams and create the reality you seek.

Appointments available 8am – 8pm, Wednesdays – Saturdays.

This treatment incorporates several techniques in the one session.

healing room


relax your mind and body

release pain / fears

discover your purpose

increase your energy levels

lose weight

release stress and depression

couple counselling

        improve your relationship


heal addictions

healing mental, physical and spiritual

rapid healing on all physical ailments such as broken bones, disease, migraines, surgery and period pain

cutting emotional ties to past relationships

resolve conflicts

take back control of your thoughts.

empower yourself


Treatment Price
90 minute session $150
60 minute session $130
90 minute session – Students and under 16 years old $100
90 minute session – Pensioners $100
5 x 90 minute sessions – Transformation Package – recommended – save $100 $650

Treatments can be done in person, on skype or the phone.