Healing techniques





Sound therapy

The Healing Experience

We have the power to heal ourselves. My job is to assist you with a combination of healing techniques and share with you powerful tools that will heal your wounds. You will be inspired to continue your journey, discovering the very best version of you.

Understand that there is always a choice and we create our reality. When you heal your emotional body you are then able to heal the physical body. It has now been proven scientifically that physical pain is linked to our emotions. Joy can only come from within once we are at peace with our world.

This gentle energetic treatment can bring instant relaxation to the body. It helps you to calm the mind in order to obtain clarity. This unique treatments assist in releasing pain on all levels: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. It helps you to release your fears in order to find your truth. It is also the perfect relaxation treatment as it relaxes both mind and body.

Become the artist of your dreams and create what you seek in life.

It is an honour to be able to assist you heal your wounds and create what you seek in life.

Once we make the decision to take responsibility for our life then life transforms.


Reiki is a gentle art of healing. It is the use of energy to heal the body through the laying of hands. Understand that everything is made of energy.

When energy gets trapped in the body it causes blockages or dis – ease.

Reiki helps to dissolve the blockages and release any dis-ease that the body is holding on too. This form of energetic healing was founded in Japan by Mikao Usui.

It helps release stress and enhances the body’s natural healing ability to promote wellbeing.

man on table receiving reiki

Universal energy (Western)
Spirit, Life (Japanese)

The spirit of all living things (Western)
Energy (Japanese)


A shaman is one who has the ability through years of study and practice to travel through various realms and entering altered states of heightened consciousness. They are able to connect with nature and all living things.

The physical world as well as the spiritual world. Through doing so they are able to bring forth information needed to best serve the community.


Principles of Shamanism

The world is what you think it is

There are no limits

Energy flows where attention goes

Now is what we have control of


Love is to be happy with

All power comes from within

Effectiveness is the measure of truth

Chakra balance

This is working with the meridians and chakras (energy points) of the body.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It is a vital energy centre that resides in the body. There are seven main chakras that go up the body. Negative emotions may hamper the healthy spin of the chakras that can cause dis-ease.

When energy is blocked it causes discomfort or dis-ease in the body. This technique helps to balance the body and release any blockages.


Crystal healing

Crystals are used to heal and bring balance. They work through resonance and vibration.

Crystals heal holistically. They work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level of being. They realign subtle energies and dissolve dis-ease.


Sound therapy

The technique allows the frequency of sound to heal the body.

It helps release emotions trapped in the body and assists with relaxing the body.


Holistic counselling

Focussing on the whole person, to help create a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual body.

Understanding that they work as one.